ROADKILL - PH Neutral Snow Foam (500ml)


Product information

Roadkill - PH Neutral Snow Foam

Reaper Detailing’s advanced PH neutral snow foam. Roadkill is perfect for pre-soaking vehicles where LSP/wax safe cleaning is imperative. It’s high foaming properties produce a dense, clingy foam that will help loosen road grime prior to further cleaning. Roadkill’s super high concentrated formula allows for dilution ratios of up to 150:1.


¨ Load up your Reaper lance with your desired dilution ratio

¨ Cover the entire vehicle with a layer Roadkill

¨ Not forgetting wheel arches, wheels and under side skirts

¨ Leave to dwell for a few minutes

¨ Thoroughly rinse the vehicle

¨ Do not allow to fully dry


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