PREDATOR - Bike Cleaner (500ml)


Product information

Predator - Bike Cleaner

Predator is Reaper Detailing’s dedicated bike cleaner. Featuring our advanced fast acting, bio-degradable formulation which is free from harsh chemicals. It cut’s through dirt, oil and grime with ease. Safe for use on motorbikes, cycles, quad bikes, trail bikes and more… Predator is gentle on paintwork and other sensitive areas. Can be diluted up to 10:1.


¨ Dilute as required

¨ Rinse the bike

¨ Spray Predator liberally on the affected areas

¨ Leave to dwell

¨ Agitate with a brush or microfibre was mitt/towel

¨ Thoroughly rinse the bike

¨ Do not allow to fully dry


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