KNUCKLES - Luxurious PH Neutral Shampoo (500ml)


Product information

Knuckles - Luxurious PH Neutral Shampoo

Reaper Detailing’s most premium, jelly bean scented shampoo. PH Neutral and 100% LSP/wax safe. Highly concentrated to provide a thick, luxurious foam, high lubricity and exceptional cleaning ability. In combination with Reaper’s Genuine Lambs Wool Wash Mitt, Knuckles is your ’go to’ product for ultra safe cleaning.


  • Pre-wash/rinse the vehicle
  • Add the desired amount of Knuckles to a bucket of water
  • Wash the vehicle using the 2 bucket method and your choice of Reaper Detailing wash mitt
  • Rinse the car thoroughly to remove any remaining suds


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Chris Fradley [FANDF SIGNATURE SHINE] - Stoke on Trent

We use Knuckles on returning customers [and new] vehicles. Once mixed in the bucket with water a really thick foam is great to work with [smells good too]. it's also wax safe and PH neutral which won't harm the environment. " it does what it says on the tin..." it's our go to item when washing vehicles. Highly recommended...