IRONCLAD - Instant Wax Drying Aid (500ml)


Product information

Ironclad - Instant Wax Drying Aid

Ironclad is the ultimate drying aid! Giving that ‘just waxed’ mirror finish, with as little effort as possible! A polymer wax additive that gives an invisible polymer coating creating impressive hydrophobic water behaviour, that also reduces drying time. Can be diluted up to 10:1.


¨ Wash the vehicle in the conventional way

¨ When the vehicle is still wet, spray Ironclad on all surfaces including paintwork,                wheels, glass, vinyl & rubbers

¨ Then dry the vehicle using a microfibre towel

¨ One final buff with Reaper Detailing’s Premium Microfibre Towel


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Chris Fradley [FANDF SIGNATURE SHINE] - Stoke on Trent

Ironclad. we use this on all vehicles that we detail.

it's a great way to dry the vehicle and also leave a "just waxed" a great mirror like finish,and also leaves super hydrophobic properties. Really easy to use. We highly recommend Ironclad.