HYDRA - Nano Hybrid Spray Sealant

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Hydra - Nano Hybrid Spray Sealant

One of Reaper Detailing’s flagship products, we present to you: HYDRA.

The ultimate, easy to use nano-spray-sealant. Safe to use on all exterior surfaces, Hydra delivers unparalleled levels of gloss, protection and hydrophobicity. You will be amazed at how easy Hydra’s nano-hybrid technology is to use. And the extreme hydrophobic effect, will leave you speechless. With surface protection that lasts for up to 4 months, Hydra will really change the way you wash and maintain your vehicle. Hydra can be used on top of existing waxes and sealants. Not recommended for matt & wrapped surfaces.


¨ Wash the vehicle in the conventional way

¨ When the vehicle is STILL WET, evenly spray Hydra onto the surface (1-2 panels at a         time)

¨ Thoroughly rinse the treated panel immediately (including any neighbouring panels           that may have been affected)

¨ Once the entire vehicle has been treated, dry using Reaper Detailing’s Premium                 Drying Towel

¨ A final buff with a plush Microfibre will leave behind a long lasting gloss and protection


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