ENIGMA - Ceramic Infused Shampoo (500ml)


Product information

Enigma - Ceramic Infused Shampoo

As part of our Evolution Range, Enigma is an SiO2 based, concentrated shampoo. Formulated
using market leading technology, Enigma cuts through dirt with ease and leaves behind a hydrophobic layer of liquid glass protection. This gorgeous strawberry fragranced shampoo can be used as a stand alone protection or as a top up on existing coatings on your paintwork.  Enhancing the depth of gloss of your paintwork with an added layer of ceramic protection, this really is the evolution of car shampoos, ENIGMA.


  • Pre-wash/rinse the vehicle
  • Add the desired amount of Enigma to a bucket of water (200:1dilution)
  • Wash the vehicle using the 2 bucket method and your choice of Reaper Detailing wash mitt
  • Rinse the car thoroughly to remove any remaining suds before the product dries


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