CYCLOPS - Hyrdrophobic Gloss Enhancer (500ml)


Product information

Cyclops - Hydrophobic Gloss Enhancer

Use Cyclops as your last step product, or as a top up on existing coatings. Cyclops adds a durable layer of protection that bonds down a hydrophobic barrier and enhances the gloss and appearance of your paintwork to give a depth of shine like no other. Quick and easy to use, one application can last up to 8 weeks.


¨ Wash and dry the vehicle in the conventional way

¨ Make sure the surface is cool

¨ Lightly spray one panel at a time

¨ Lightly wipe Cyclops over the panel with a microfibre towel

¨ A final buff with a Reaper Detailing Premium Microfibre Towel


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Paul - Devon

Huge gloss! Great detail spray.