About Us

RD was born out of a passion for detailing and all things automotive. Having spent my whole adult life driving, tracking, modifying and detailing my cars, it was inevitable that one day I would take a career path that would embrace something I truly love. Quite a leap from a fabricator/welder!

After spending 2 years of evolution; of brand names, logo designs, product testing and development we were finally ready to bring Reaper Detailing to the masses. The name Reaper Detailing, and logo, embodies our personalities. Individual, tattoo loving, festival going, bearded metal heads! Injecting our own style and personality is how we ended up at Reaper Detailing.

We’ve developed some fantastic detailing products for your pride and joy, that we can’t wait for you to use and enjoy. Our aim is to provide you with premium, user friendly products, with a service you can always rely on. And you can rest assured that we will work hard to make sure that is the case.

There are lots of ideas and developments for the future, which include new and innovative products, merchandise, a showroom that you can come to view and purchase products, and offering professional detailing services in-house. All things to look forward to if we can make Reaper Detailing the success it deserves to be.

Just to reiterate what we have said many times previously, we massively appreciate your support in any way, shape or form. Whether it be a purchase, no matter how big or small, or a social media ‘like‘ or ‘share’, it all means the world to us, and we thank you.